Vintage GDPR logo from 1999

Since its 1996 launch in Baltimore, Md., its four-year stint in northern New Jersey, and more than three years in Nashville, Tenn., Grateful Dread Peace Media, our independent nonprofit media activism and business journalism – writing-services company, has presented GRATEFUL DREAD PUBLIC RADIO, an independent internet public radio station airing diverse sounds and ideas for open minds. The peace-progressive listener-supported station provides daily news, progressive news/talk programming and commentary , points of view you won’t hear on corporate media, activism events, information and opportunities, lifestyle info you can use on a variety of subjects, and compelling arts programs.

Now, GDPR is GDPR REVOLUTION 99: The mission behind the music and information has numerous planks, as we have a big job to do:

  • to spread a peace and justice message throughout the Progressive Community of North America and beyond;
  • to entertain, inform, challenge, inspire, engage, and involve in hopes of motivating people to THINK and to TAKE ACTION for positive, progressive change to make this a better world;
  • to give needed exposure to artists and musical genres largely shut out of the mainstream and give a platform to ideas and issues that commercial, corporate media ignore;
  • to educate on progressive issues, civil rights, animal welfare, sustainable and green living, tolerance and nonviolence, etc;
  • to shine a light on arts and culture and offer rare exposure to artists and craftpersons who share their talents;
  • to build a strong, Progressive Community so we can together help to bring about a more peaceful, just, open society where equality under law exists for all;
  • to serve as a media source for the People’s Revolution and the  anti-Trump resistance, and to help revert power to We The People!

GDPR REVOLUTION99 is an activist/altruist nonprofit effort to serve the community, Please support our effort as generously as you can.