The Baltimore Activists Coalition is a grassroots direct-action organization that advocates for peace, social and economic justice, and the environment in Baltimore and Central Maryland. Founded by Natalie Davis and David M. Baker in 2000, BAC members are drawn from the LGBT, heterosexual, peace, and progressive communities and work together to promote justice, equality, diversity, and environmental sustainability as well as to end homophobia, classism, racism, and sexism. BAC is committed to the anti-Trump/GOP resistance. Communications take place through the BAC Yahoogroups mailing list. Click the link to apply for membership.

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Moderators: Doug Rose and Natalie Davis

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Membership in the group and mailing list is open to all persons interested in queer and progressive issues and making a better Baltimore and Maryland. Repeat: Our focus is liberal – progressive – peace – equality – community service – celebrating diversity – justice – activism – left – humanist – green – altruism – resisting Trump … if these aren’t your focus, you won’t be happy here, and if your postings are accepted, they will be used as opposition research (debate and discussion welcome, but we won’t debate our basic organizational beliefs here, as we consider those matters settled). Postings and additional Baltimore-area activism news and opportunities are available via the BAC Twitter: @BaltActivists.


For more national and global activism, please follow our The Armchair Activist Twitter at @armact.

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c/o NR Davis
301 Ezell Pike
Nashville, TN 37217
email: gdrinfo at gmail – dot – com