AMP Meeting Streams 5/21; Petition Needs Signatures

Interested in what’s doing with the proposed AMP Bus Rapid Transit plan? A live stream of a Wednesday, May 21 (today, y’all) meeting on the controversial topic takes place from 6-7 p.m. Watch the AMP meeting via this link..

Coincidentally, on activism site Care2, I found a petition effort designed to persuade the Tennessee Senate that many people want improved mass transit alternatives, including the controversial AMP Bus Rapid Transit plan, which planner say would ease traffic congestion and hopefully lead to cleaner air and more sustainable living.


Chris Wolverton‘s petition reads:

The Tennessee Senate recently passed SB 2243, a bill that would ban the use of a separate lane for a mass public transportation system. This bill would severely limit rapid transit, including the AMP, a proposed 7.1-mile rapid transit system that would cut Nashville commute times.

Nashville’s current bus system is crowded and congested, and will only become moreso as the city expands.

Shooting down the AMP is an insult to the hard work involved in its long-term planning, and an ignorant decision.

Using public transit is oftentimes the only way people with low incomes can reliably get to their jobs, and many others prefer public transit to cut costs, avoid traffic jams and parking nightmares, and reduce pollution. The Amp is a win-win situation because it would reduce traffic from individual cars and boost the city’s productivity, economy and tourism.

Please sign the petition to convince the Tennessee Senate to support mass transit options in their state.

Agree? Get busy: Wolverton is looking to get 1,000 signatures. So far there are only 101. Let the Senate know you support sustainability and public transportation. Sign the petition.

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