Koch_Brothers_Voodoo_Doll via worldwidehippies.comAlerts are going up throughout the progressive blogosphere regarding a true threat to US democracy and decency. As news iste puts it, the Koch Brothers must be stopped.

Indeed, they must. The billionaire brothers and unparalleled corporate welfare queens David and Charles Koch use their cash for all manner of evil, literally sucking any concept of equality and justice for all out of the US: They have much of the Congress in their pockets, they fund nearly 100 right-wing and Teahadist groups to keep the middle class, labor, LGBT people  and efforts to save the planet down.

David and Charles Koch are probably the most foul example of the sad truth: A voice in government and politics goes not to We the People, but to the highest bidder.

Brave New Films has updated its vital 2012 film Koch Brothers Exposed, which tells where the diabolical duo’s money is going, who their money is hurting, and how much they are profiting from their callous assault on human rights. during this whole process leading up to the 2014 Elections.

Take a look:

If you are suffieciently outraged, it’s time to get to work. Share the video with everyone you know. Flood social media with it, share the link via email, tell your friends. The word must get out: With the mid-term and 2016 elections looming, time is at a premium: The Kochs must be stopped before they can do more damage.

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