Pennies are tight at GDPR Nashville. Operational hurdles have become insurmountable due to lack of funding. This means we are limited to music programming for the foreseeable future.

The singular multigenre music mix for which we are appreciated — as we still hear in emails from appreciative listeners — is still running 24/7, however it is now only available to those with VIP Live 365 membership. Search for GDPR Nashville and you’ll find it. You can also log in as a VIP via the purple box on the right side of the page. Purchase VIP memberships from directly; we get no compensation from it.

As soon as we can raise the funds we need to resume full operations, including our progressive news/talk offerings, we will be up and at it again. In the meantime, if you would care to make a donation toward our mission to elevate the progressive voice in Nashville and Middle Tennessee — and we pray you will — please check out the donation/support link on the site. Thanks to all who have and continue to show your support; it is much appreciated.

As we work on restructuring and raising capital (among other things we are seeking another streaming service firm), we continue our efforts via our blog Progressive Nashville — check it out and show your support. If you need freelance journalism, research and/or business writing services, please check out Grateful Dread Peace Media. And stand and work with us to make a better Nashville and a better world.

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