Action Alert: Stand with Moms for Clean Air

I’m a mom, so when this showed up in my e-mail box, I had to share. Please read and get busy. Our lungs, and more importantly, the lungs of our little ones depend on us taking action.

We’re exhausted. And elated.Five hundred Moms Clean Air Force members–big and little–took our message to the Senate lawn in Washington, DC for the Play-In for Climate Action. As it turned out, the Play-In came at the right time.

Right now, big polluters are taking aim at all plans to curb climate pollution. They are using their favorite weapon: delay, delay, delay. Gut EPA’s–America’s!–Clean Power Plan.

Drag out the timing for states to file their plans. Drag out the timing for power plants to cut carbon–so they have another decade to pollute.

We gathered in Washington to say: We need carbon reductions. NOW. Serious cuts in carbon pollution. NOW. Power plants in compliance by 2020. As fast as possible.

We must be world leaders: we must show that we are serious about attacking climate change with the urgency it requires.

TAKE ACTION! Click here to tell Administrator McCarthy: Act with urgency. Keep America’s Clean Power Plan strong. Act as though our children’s lives depend on it. Because they do.

We know polluters will fight hard against EPA. America’s Clean Power Plan should be something worth fighting for. We must all step up. NOW.

Pope Francis is correct: The window for acting effectively against climate pollution is closing. We are in the race of our lifetimes.

So that’s why we gathered on the Senate lawns. We played–because that’s what we do with kids. But we’re fierce when it comes to protecting them.

Yours in hope that love is stronger than pollution,
Dominique Browning
Co-Founder and Senior Director, Moms Clean Air Force

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