Tennessean Endorses Progressive Barry for Nashville Mayor

Progressive Megan Barry is The Tennessean's choice for Nashville mayor.
Progressive Megan Barry is The Tennessean’s choice for Nashville mayor.

Progressive mayoral candidate Megan Barry won the nod of Nashville’s daily newspaper.

The Tennessean‘s editorial board awarded its endorsement based on the present At-Large Metro Council member’s “experience, ability and ideas.”

Nashville needs a mayor who will champion and boost this booming city’s prosperity.

This person must solve critical problems regarding transit, public education, affordable housing and the city’s debt load.

This leader must also serve as a nonpartisan consensus-builder-in-chief for intelligent and balanced community growth and development. …

As former chairwoman of both the budget and education committees, she understands the city’s finances and educational challenges — and she can hit the ground running. Barry said she will be the “quarterback” for the public school system.

In addition, she exudes a combination of confidence and empathy that make her decisive, mindful of others and accessible.

The endorsement for the nonpartisan post was made after the board’s interviews with all seven mayoral candidates: Barry, Charles Robert Bone, David Fox, Bill Freeman, Howard Gentry, Jeremy Kane, and Linda Eskind Rebrovick. Also endorsed was David Briley, candidate for vice mayor.

Barry also earned the approval of LGBT newspaper Out and About Nashville and its readers. You can find more information about the candidate at her website.

Early voting for the 2015 Metro Nashville General Election Friday, July 17 and ends Saturday, Aug. 1. The official Election Day is Thursday, Aug. 6. Progressive Nashville will have election details, including early voting locations, on Friday morning.


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