2015 Metro Election: Who’s on the Ballot?

oGovernment of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson CountyEarly voting in Metropolitan Nashville starts today, July 17 and runs through Aug. 1. The Metro Nashville General Election takes place Aug. 6. If runoff elections are needed (and they appear likely in the hotly contested mayor and council races), that balloting is scheduled for Sept. 10. Before you cast your ballot, you need to know your choices. Do your homework and know who they are and their positions on the issues that matter to you: You have a responsibility to vote and to be informed.

Mayor (in alphabetical order)

Vice Mayor

The At-Large Council race has 26 candidates battling it out for five open seats.

  • Buddy Baker – District 20 incumbent
  • Jody Ball
  • Karen Bennett – District 8 incumbent
  • Al Carota
  • Erin Coleman
  • John Cooper
  • Elizabeth Dachowski
  • Adam Dread
  • Robert Duvall – District 33 incumbent
  • Leroy Johnny Ellis
  • Erica Gilmore – District 19 incumbent
  • Ronnie Greer, Sr.
  • Frank Harrison – District 2 incumbent
  • Jason Holleman – District 24 incumbent
  • Martin Holsinger
  • Phillip Joseph Hostettler, Jr.
  • Walter Hunt – District 3 incumbent
  • Sharon W Hurt
  • Ken Jakes
  • James Keeton
  • John Lasiter
  • Don Majors
  • Lonnell Matthews, Jr. – District 1 incumbent
  • Bob Mendes
  • Sandra Moore – District 17 incumbent
  • Jim Shulman

The Metro Council district races feature 87 candidates vying for 35 seats. Ballotpedia has the full list; research those in your district. The next four years depend upon your choices.

In addition to this bevy of candidates, the Aug. 6 ballot will include three charter amendment questions for voters to decide:

  1. Whether to increase vice mayor and Metro Council term limits from two to three consecutive four-year terms by 2023;
  2. Whether to reduce the size of Metro Council from 40 t0 27 members, cut the number of council districts from 35 to 24, and bring the number of at-large seats in the council from five to three beginning with the Sept, 1, 2019 term, and require the Planning Commission to submit new council district boundaries by Aug. 15, 2017;  and
  3. Whether to require that a minimum of 40 percent of employees working on any project funded by more than $100,000 in Metro taxpayer money be residents of Davidson County.


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