Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela would have been 97 years old today, were he still alive. On the anniversary of his birth, peace and justice activists celebrate the life of this great South African human rights leader who went from revolutionary firebrand to political prisoner to president to man of peace, who famously forgave his oppressors.

Mandela Day, fast becoming an international observance, offers us an opportunity to ponder our responsibility to those around us, to reflect on what good we are doing, and to commit to what we will do to change the world.

July 18 also presents a chance to look at the life of the great Madiba with gratitude, to find inspiration and the seemingly boundless hope he had, and then to go into the world and be the change. The Mandela Day website offers actions you can take today, each week, or each month to take positive action. Get busy.

Happy birthday, Mr. Mandela.

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