Nonviolent Communication, Workers Dignity Trainings in Progressive Nashville

nvcEarly this week, the focus is on education and organizing for peace among lefty groups in Music City. Take some time to get involved with one or more of these activities. It’s your opportunity do your part to promote progressive values and help make Nashville and the world a better place.


  • On Sunday, Aug. 23, Nashville’s Workers’ Dignity offers a day-long training session for would-be community organizers. (Heaven knows, we need you!) The valuable educational seminar from the organization committed to workers’ rights costs $45 and includes meals. The registration deadline for the event is Aug. 10. Do not miss out; as the group correctly notes, in unity there is strength, la union hace la fuerza. To register or get more info, contact the group at 615-601-2820 or send email to
  • Progressives should be people of peace. That means learning to get our messages across peacefully is key. On the second and fourth Mondays each month, NVC Nashville presents a free training group on Nonviolent Communication from 6- 8:15 pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 1808 Woodmont Blvd., 37215. All are welcome. The gathering takes place in the red Morgan House behind the church. For details, contact Diane Allison at or Pete Kopcsak at Additional times and locations for NVC, and more information, can be found at


  • It’s the second Tuesday of the month, so it’s time for the first August Seed Money Supper. At 6 pm, the Wild Cow Restaurant in East Nashville is the place for dinner and a speaker-led discussion about projects to boost the city’s foodscape. And here’s where the seed money comes in: Several business startups will show off their ideas. Attendees choose one to receive seed funding of 3/4 of the supper money collected; the remaining 1/4 covers everyone’s meals.  The cost for the event is $10 for adults, $5 for kids. The eatery is at  1896 Eastland Ave., 37206. Find more details at the group’s website,
  • The-Death-Penalty-is-Wrong-150x150If you are opposed to capital punishment, this is the event for you: The monthly meeting of Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 11. It’s an opportunity for you to gather and strategize with people committed to putting an end to state-sanctioned killings in the Volunteer State. As the group’s website notes, Tennessee has the 10th largest death row in the country, 66 men and one woman. Roughly 85 percent of this state’s death-row inmates could not afford proper representation and had to settle for overworked public defenders — so we cannot know if they were convicted and sentenced fairly while we do know the system is tilted against people of color and the poor. Since 2000, six fellow humans have been executed in Tennessee, and three wrongfully convicted people were fortunate enough to be freed. The situation is inhumane and intolerable, and TADP wants it stopped. Join the effort: The meeting starts at 6:30 pm at Second Presbyterian Church, 3511 Belmont Blvd, 37215, in the Jr. High Room on the first floor.

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