Remembering Jerry, 20 Years Gone

Written by on August 9, 2015


Jerry-Garcia-Clayton-Call-630x456It’s the twentieth anniversary of the death of Jerry Garcia, the leading light of the good old Grateful Dead. We miss him still…

Ultimate Classic Rock offers a great video tribute showing the many chapters of Garcia’s long, but still too short for our liking, strange trip. An excerpt offers some comfort:

Decades after his passing, Jerry Garcia’s music lives on. His former bandmates all continue to play with their own projects; others continue to cover Garcia’s music, applying his unique template to their own work. For a lot of musicians, Jerry’s music is akin to an instruction booklet – or at the very least, a great motivator.

Take a look at UCR’s selected clips and take heart in the knowledge that the music never stops. And enjoy a couple we found, a Jerry Garcia unedited interview from the 1995 Prime Time Entertainment Network miniseries “The History of Rock ‘n Roll” and some sweet jams from 1978.

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