Just returned from a whirlwind three-day road trip encompassing Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. (Lots of driving: Moving my 19-year-old into his college dorm, a day in Manhattan, meeting my son’s girlfriend’s wonderful parents, and visiting my mom and brother.) I am exhausted! But the first thing on the agenda upon my return was to drop by the Howard School to cast my early vote in the Metro Runoff Election. (The next item: SLEEP.)

Sign at Lakeview Elementary Design Center, Nashville Phot by NDThe big day is Sept. 10, but between now and Sept. 5, you can cast your ballot early at the Howard Office Building at 700 2nd Ave. S. And starting Thursday, Aug. 27, you can get a jump on the runoff election by voting at any of a long list of satellite early voting sites. Get all the details here.

From my experience, early voting appears to be fairly robust: The polling place was filled when I arrived at Howard School to submit to the state’s voter suppression tactics and exercise my inalienable right and do my civic duty. (Another in the tank for progressive candidate Megan Barry!) The wait to cast the ballot was almost nonexistent, which was great. The government center is surrounded by candidate booths and colorful signs. (Nothing within 100 feet, of course.) The most interesting sight was a man crooning a tune for At-Large Council candidate Lonnell Matthews Jr.


Why procrastinate? Vote early! And if you cannot, be sure to make it to your regular polling place for the Sept. 10 runoff. In the mayor’s race, the choice could not be more clear. Be sure to tell your friends and associates. Let’s make progressive voices heard!

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