Action Alert: Talk to Your Lawmakers TODAY About Iran Deal and Peace

No-Nukes-No-War1This alert came in the inbox from, which says now is the time to take action against war and for peace. The specific instrument being defended is the proposed Iran arms deal. With this six-nation deal in place, the likelihood that Iran will build an atomic bomb is reduced. The argument that the US, which has used and continues to have its own immoral cache of WMDs, has no right to tell another sovereign state what it can and cannot have, of course, is absolutely true. US arrogance is repugnant, to say the least. But equally repugnant is stopping any peaceful effort to keep bombs from being built anywhere. This deal must go through (and we must continue efforts to limit the possession and use of nuclear armaments worldwide, including in the US). We must go to Congress and demand approval  of the Iran deal.

From MoveOn:

Today, thousands of MoveOn members and our friends across the progressive and anti-war movements are gathering outside of more than 200 members of Congressional offices across the country for a national day of action with a single message: No War With Iran.

Momentum is on our side. Throughout this August recess, we have out-organized the war hawks. From attendance at local town halls to presence on social media, pro-diplomacy energy has overwhelmed the pro-war forces. As a result, we’ve seen more and more Democrats get off the fence and come out for the deal.  As The New York Times reports, “supporters of the deal are closing in on the number they need to ensure it goes into force.”

But the same article warns that there are still “wild cards” at play that could sabotage this diplomatic effort. Well-heeled conservatives have opened up a fire hose of anti-diplomacy spending—funding misleading ads and lobbyists targeting House and Senate members.

It’s time for us to let those champions of diplomacy who have come out for the agreement know that we have their backs, to demand that undecided members of Congress make the right choice, and to send a message of outrage to those representatives who would sabotage this deal and take us to war.


MoveOn is calling on progressives to take to the phones: Call Tennessee’s Capitol Hill representatives Sen. Bob Corker, Sen. Lamar Alexander, and Rep. Jim Cooper. Tell them: “I’m a constituent and I support diplomacy with Iran. I’m counting  on you to uphold the deal when you return to Washington.” And tell them why you support diplomacy and peace and why this deal, however flawedis our best bet.


Here’s where to call:

Sen. Bob Corker
Phone: 202-224-3344

Sen. Lamar Alexander
Phone: 202-224-4944

Rep. Jim Cooper
Phone: 202-225-4311

After you’ve taken action, follow the link to tell MoveOn how the calls went.


Should Congress vote to oppose the Iran deal, President Obama says he will veto, which sets up a dangerous override vote. Let’s not allow this to get that far. Get busy! Contact your lawmakers TODAY and insist they stand for peace.

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