Action Alert: Make a Call to Keep an Innocent Man on Death Row Alive

armact 707Urgent action alert from MoveOn: In short, Oklahoma plans to execute an innocent man in two days, and progressives and decent people need to take immediate action to stop this.

The man’s name is Richard Glossip, and he is in a tight spot — largely broke, on death row, slated to be murdered by the state on Wednesday. There reportedly is no DNA evidence, no fingerprints, and no motive linking him to the crime. His execution is based solely on the testimony and credibility of one man: Justin Sneed, who admitted to being the murderer, but said Glossip masterminded the killing. Sneed is now serving life in a medium-security prison.

MoveOn continues the sad story:

Because Richard didn’t have the money to hire good lawyers, he ended up on death row. This is someone whose record was so clean that he had never even had a speeding ticket. But now, one of the best death penalty lawyers in the nation has taken up Richard’s case pro-bono, and this morning—two days before the scheduled execution—he released new evidence showing that “Sneed lied to save his own life.” After learning about some of the new evidence, a juror from Glossip’s trial stated, “If the defense would have presented the case that they are presenting now in the original trial…I would not have given a guilty verdict.” …


Governor Mary Fallin has the power to stop this deadly mistake by issuing a 60-day stay of execution—but we need to act fast to save Richard Glossip. Can you call Fallin right now? Tell her: “Don’t execute an innocent man. Grant Richard Glossip a 60-day stay of execution.”

A life is in the balance! Please get busy and call the governor’s comment line at 405-521-2342. NOW. Time is key here. MoveOn warns that it may take 30 seconds or more to hear anything after calling. When you hear the automated menu, press 2 to talk to the governor’s receptionist, which is better than leaving a message on the governor’s comment line, given the urgency. Call volume is high, so if you get a busy signal or are otherwise not connected, keep trying until you speak to someone. Then let MoveOn know how the call went.


“I just want everyone to know the truth,” Richard Glossip said last week. “If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.”

Take action, progressives, to save a life.

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