The Daily Bern: Sanders Supporters to Gather for 1st Non-Trump Debate

bernieyallbuttonToday, the masses are abuzz about tonight’s Donald Trump show, aka the second Republican presidential candidates’ debate. Eleven Klown Kar members will take the stage to see who can out-Trump the Trumpster.

From The Atlantic:

Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump. Trumpety-Trump. Trump-a-Trump; Trump Trump; Trump Trump.

This is what you are going to be watching for in Wednesday’s Republican debate—as if I have to tell you.

There will be a number of subplots, such as: How does Donald Trump treat the other candidates?

How do the other candidates treat Donald Trump?

How do the moderators treat Donald Trump, and vice versa?

Which glimmering facet of Trump’s unidimensional self will he bring to the stage? (The preening Trump? The egotistical Trump? The self-satisfied Trump? The pompous Trump?)

I certainly recommend watching, if for no other reason than to snicker at the boorish bluster or to remind yourself that putting any of these Klowns in charge means big trouble for the nation. If you want substance, however, wait for Oct. 13 and the Democratic candidates’ debate. That’s the day Bernie Sanders takes on presumptive party nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton and the
other challengers (Lincoln Chafee. Larry Lessig, Martin O’Malley, and Jim Webb, so far).

Nashville for Bernie Sanders‘ Byron van Buren will host a local debate-watching event Oct. 13 at 7 pm. He says that before the faceoff, which starts at 8 pm, attendees can discuss “how we can rally the troops to turn this country around and get Bernie elected.”

The Corner Pub, 8058 Highway 100, 37221, is the event site. RSVP at Bernie Sanders’ Event Central site.


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