Buttons_RichardGlossip-1Two weeks is better than nothing.

Oklahoma’s planned state-sanctioned killing of Richard Glossip will not happen today. A state appellate court announced a two-week delay to allow a review of new evidence that could prove the death row inmate’s innocence.

Democracy Now reports Glossip’s lawyers filed an emergency request yesterday afternoon, and a stay was announced today, a mere three and a half hours before the man was slated to die by lethal injection.

In 1997, Glossip was working as a manager at the Best Budget Inn in Oklahoma City when his boss, Barry Van Treese, was murdered. A maintenance worker, Justin Sneed, admitted he beat Van Treese to death with a baseball bat, but claimed Glossip coerced him into the killing, offering him money and job opportunities. The case rested almost solely on Sneed’s claims. No physical evidence ever tied Glossip to the crime. Glossip’s attorneys say Sneed implicated their client in exchange for a deal to receive life imprisonment instead of the death penalty.

The court set a new execution date of Sept. 30.

This does not mean that we should stop trying to persuade Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin to find a heart and to do the moral thing. She can be reached at 405-521-2342.

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