Action Alert: Kangaroo Fur in Gucci Loafers Is Not Chic

Kangaroo and JoeyI have a soft spot for animals and their welfare, so this Care2 action alert piqued my interest. I hope it touches you too:

Australia’s iconic kangaroos are highly social, and popular around the globe. Unfortunately, kangaroos are also shot in huge numbers during a controversial annual hunt or cull. So when Care2 member Poh Yee Holmes heard that fashion brand Gucci was supporting killing kangaroos by using their fur in this year’s line of loafers, she couldn’t believe it.

The annual kangaroo hunt is opposed by many in Australia, with hunters and their supporters saying it’s necessary to keep the population in check.

Opponents of the annual cull call it the largest land-based wildlife slaughter in the world, and point to the shooting of mother kangaroos and the clubbing and beheading of their joeys as proof of the cull’s cruelty. Additionally, if the goal is simply population control, humane alternatives exist to keep kangaroo populations in check.

Poh Yee says, “Shooting healthy kangaroo mothers and their joeys is horrible, and I can’t believe that Gucci would support it.”

Unfortunately, the profits of the meat and fur industry has pressured politicians in Australia to be slow to implement non-lethal options to limit kangaroo populations in sensitive ecosystems. As the politicians drag their feet, Gucci’s support means those feet are wearing the newest, cruelest styles.

Make It WorkDisgusted? Heartbroken? Outraged? You should be. (Anti-fur advocate Tim Gunn would say this bit of fashion does not work!Get busy and take action. Sign Poh Yee’s petition and let Gucci know that its cruelty and greed should go out of style. Urge Gucci to drop kangaroo fur from its loafers.

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