Activism Works: Victory in Effort to Save Karma the Dog

Look at that face!

Some time ago, I signed a petition asking for help in saving the life of a wolf-dog hybrid named Karma. There is a photo of the pooch at right — what a sweetie, right? Well, this pup is more than a pretty face. She is the recipient of a new lease on life, thanks to the efforts of activists and petition signers who saved her from a death sentence in California.

Karma, a four-year-old Siberian husky, was impounded by Orange County officials last May because she reportedly killed a cat in 2012. Since her DNA showed that she had wolf genes, officials determined that she could not be vaccinated properly against rabies and therefore must be euthanized. (Some animal experts scoff at that judgement, contending that all dogs have some wolf ancestry.) While Karma  was held in a local shelter, animal rights activists from around the globe spoke out to spare her life — including more than 400,000 people who signed petitions in support of the dog.

Those voices were heard. The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to send Karma to a North Carolina wolf sanctuary, and Superior Court Judge Corey S. Cramin agreed to reverse his ruling that she be killed.

Karma’s new home will be the Full Moon Farm wolf-dog sanctuary in Black Mountain, NC. And, according to the Orange County Register, among those happiest about this turn of events is an Orange County politician.

“What an outstanding conclusion to a worldwide effort that was supported by over 400,000 signatures to save Karma. The support of Supervisor Lisa Bartlett and Supervisor Michelle Steel was critical to Judge Cramin reversing his euthanasia order at the request of the county,” said Supervisor Todd Spitzer. “Saving Karma has been a community effort and it has been a pleasure to work with groups like Shamrock Rescue Foundation who are helping to cover the transportation costs. I send my gratitude to my colleagues and to all those who helped on this successful effort. I wish [Nancy Brown and George Stapleton of Full Moon Farm] the best of luck in caring for that pretty girl we have come to know named Karma.”

Remember this the next time someone tells you petitions and activism don’t make a difference. They obviously can, because Karma lives.

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