Jim Hightower

Progressive pundit Jim Hightower makes the case for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in many of his Hightower Lowdown web and radio commentaries. And he brings up an excellent point: While the billionaire Koch Brothers and their deep-pocketed cronies spend upwards of a billion dollars to pump up the campaigns of Wall Street-focused Republicans, you can get involved in the political process for much less money.

Hightower explains:

[H]ere comes the antidote to this corruption of our politics by fat cats. Instead of being financed by 400 special interests, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has raised its $15 million from 400,000 ordinary Americans. In fact, the average donation to Bernie is a heartwarming, soul-saving $31.30!

You can’t buy a president for 30 bucks – but you can help elect one who isn’t owned by Big Money. Isn’t that the way it ought to be?

I believe that is the way it was meant to be. Can you chip in to the effort to elect a people’s president? Make the billionaire class feel the Bern.


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