bernieyallbuttonThe great man is not making a Music City stop just yet, but his national campaign organizers make an appearance in Nashville Thursday, Oct. 22. And the following day, supporters will converge at a Democratic National Committee Nashville event.

Tennessee 4 Bernie announced this weekend that members of Bernie Sanders’ national campaign team will host a workshop on organizing, upcoming events, and the larger goals of the campaign. T4B said this event will be critical in building a support network in the Nashville area.

The meeting takes place at the UAW Local 737 Union Hall at 6207 Centennial Blvd., at 6:30 pm. (Thanks go out to NAACP and labor leading light Benny Overton for helping to make this happen!)  Big numbers are needed, so tell your friends, family, and associates to join the effort, And the campaign asks all to RSVP, so the national staff can see the huge support Bernie has in Nashville.

Another opportunity to show the size and passion of the local Bernie base, organized by Bernie devotee Trevor Adamson, comes Oct. 23.

Tennessee For Bernie, a local grassroots effort to build support for the presidential candidacy of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, is taking its demand for more presidential debates directly to the chair of the Democratic National Committee.
The Tennessee Democratic Party holds its 2015 Jackson Day Dinner at OZ Arts, in Nashville Friday, Oct. 23, with keynote speaker US Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who chairs the Democratic National Committee. T4B will be outside the event for a peaceful rally to call on Wasserman Schultz to allow more candidates’ debates.

Presently, the DNC plans six debates to allow Democratic presidential hopefuls to go head to head in six debates. The first of the contests took place Oct. 13. In the 2008 election, the party held 20 debates.
“Six is not enough,” said T4B organizer Trevor Adamson. “We hope lots of civic-minded groups and individuals will come and add their voices to the call for more debates.” 
Adamson said the Metro Nashville Police Department has given T4B approval to gather at the site of the event.
Sen. Sanders is enjoying growing popularity throughout red states, including Tennessee, thanks to his message of restoring government by, of, and for the people.
“There are candidates besides Hillary Clinton,” said Adamson. “We need more debates so that the American people can get to know all of their choices. Bernie Sanders, in particular, has an important message that can’t be told fully via soundbites. We need Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC to understand that and #AllowDebates.”
The rally takes place Friday at 6 pm at 6172 Cockrill Bend Circle37209. RSVP here.

A third opportunity, to gather to show support for Sanders on Oct. 30, comes from local activist Sidney Bennett, who writes:

I want to gather a group to meet at various locations around the city to stand with signs that say “HONK FOR BERNIE” and other signs that give short messages about Bernie that can be seen by folks in their cars traveling home from work.  The first one I’ve scheduled is at the busiest intersection in Nashville, at the intersection of Nolensville Road and Harding Place.  I want to extend it to other intersections all over town on a regular basis between now and the election, but this is the first.  So I need you to come with your own sign if you want to make one, or you can get a basic Bernie sign from me.  … Wear your Bernie shirt if you have one, Bernie button, etc. This activity is important because so many people I meet every day when I wear my Bernie shirt or Bernie button have NO IDEA WHO BERNIE IS!!  If they don’t know who he is, then it isn’t likely they’ll vote for him.

The “Honk for Bernie” event is scheduled for 3:30 pm to gain the most visibility during Friday rush hour. Again, it will be at the intersection of Nolensville Pike and Harding Place, 37211. RSVP here.


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