iphone6-plus-box-silver-2014_GEO_USThe fight is on to buck the establishment and ensure the next President of the United States is of, by, and for We The People.

Essentially, it boils down to one thing: Despite the fix being in among Democratic elites and the mainstream media (for shame, NPR, MSNBC, et al.), Bernie Sanders can win the party nomination — and we must help him make that happen.

Priority number one, according to the Sanders national campaign, is identifying voters. That’s best accomplished through phone banking. The campaign asks Bernie supporters to volunteer themselves and their phones to make the calls. They’ll be happy to show you how at periodic training webinars taking place over the next week; click the links and get details for each:

Wednesday Nov. 18 2 pm CT, 4 pm CT

Thursday Nov. 19 8 am CT, 1:30 pm CT, 4:30 pm CT

Friday Nov. 20 10 am CT, 12:30 pm CT, 2 pm CT

Sunday Nov. 22 8 am CT, 10 am CT, 12 pm CT, 3 pm CT

Monday Nov. 23 9 am CT, 1 pm CT, 4:30 pm CT

Get your Bernie-loving friends involved — host a phone bank, either at your house or a nearby restaurant or venue . Or attend a phone banking event that’s already scheduled. You can find them putting your ZIP code into the Bernie events calendar lookup tool.
Whatever road you follow, it is imperative to identify the voters who are with us and who need to hear our message: Bernie is for the people. He is the only candidate from the highlighted two parties who is not bought and paid for by the billionaire class. He is not the one who stands up for Wall Street. And he certainly is no member of the Klown Kar Krew.

This is a movement for the people, and it will require the people’s participation. Will you answer the call to help Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination? Whatever the general election will require is not the point right now; the focus is the PRIMARY ELECTIONS. We need Bernie to win that nomination, and it starts with phone banking.


Source: Bernie Sanders for President | List of phone bank trainings

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