solfacepalmIt’s not much fun being Blue in a Red State. But that pales against the nightmare that is being a progressive in a United States determined to act like World War II is back, one seemingly willing to forget horrific sins of the past.

Some evangelical (and otherwise) Christians, usually so quick to scold the rest of us about their view of morality and such, are running scared following the Paris attacks and demanding that we be bad Samaritans when it comes to Syrian refugees. What happened to their Bible learnin’? The revenge-minded French, who actually were bombed, and by European nationals, NOT by refugees, says it will continue to help those fleeing Daesh. Hey Congress, who are the surrender monkeys now?

That’s just for starters, my friends:

Makes me wanna holler, throw both hands up in the air. I’m immersing myself in music to get away from the hideousness for a while. Thanks the the wonder of Spotify, feel free to join me from where you are. Know that the music spans genres and eras, and that some of it is NSFW.

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