berniesanders1We at GDPR Nashville are gobsmacked by the reaction we received to our broadcasts of Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ Nov. 19 address to students at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. The emails that came in response have raised our spirits by leaps and bounds. And the numbers of listeners to Bernie’s master class in democracy was amazing: We had people tuning in from across the US — certainly in Tennessee — and as far away as China and Japan. People are interested in what the democratic socialist presidential candidate has to say.

That’s why it is such a shame that the mainstream media for the most part ignored this very important speech. So we are grateful that so many of you tuned in to hear Sanders’ message. And we will thank you by giving you an assignment.

The speech is available in its entirety on YouTube. Grab the link, please, and send it to everyone you know. Share it via Twitter, Facebook, and every social media channel. Make it go viral. Spread the word of Bernie Sanders and do what the mainstream media chose not to do. It’s the patriotic thing to do. And if patriotism is not your particular bag, if you are interested in making the country in which you reside a better place, do it for that reason.

People say Sanders has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination or the general election. We do not believe that — IF he gets a full and fair hearing and if people come out to vote. Vote for whom you like, but please share the video in the hopes of giving a serious and worthy candidate the chance to tell the nation what he truly is about.

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