You can hear about the Nashville Animal Advocacy anti-fur protest at Regency Furs on Hillsboro Pike during GDPR Nashville‘s Green Tea Radio, airing Monday and Tuesday at 4 am, 8 am, and 4 pm Central Time, but you can see the photos right here.

On Saturday, Sally Beaman Park in Green Hills was the site of Nashville’s piece of the Global Climate Rally. About 70 braved the rain to stand in support of the planet and got to hear the music of Susan Shann. Groups represented included Tennessee for Bernie Sanders, Nashville Peace and Justice Center, and Middle Tennessee Sierra Club. Jim Wohlgemuth of T4B provided the photos. And I wanted to share a link to the content of a leaflet Eric Schechter of NPJC and Nashville Peace Calendar handed out as well; he wanted to teach the activists as well about the connection between capitalism, climate change, and many of the ills we fight each day. I recommend you read it and think “revolution” when you embark on your activist pursuits. What ails this nation and the world will require nothing less.

Jim Wohlgemuth of Tennessee for BernieJim Wohlgemuth shared his take on the demonstration:

 The  Climate March was part of a national effort of  and was initiated here by the Nashville Peace and Justice Center.  The March started at the Library at Green Hills and after several speakers,we marched toward Green Hills Mall.  I would say by the time we started marching there were 100.  The march was led vocally by Susan Shann and led physically by Eric Schechter.   We marched up and down about six blocks of Hillsboro Pike for about an hour.   Several people gave out flyers explaining what we were doing and the need to call our Congressmen to support climate action.  There were a number of people who honked their support and waved.  I never saw a police presence and we stayed on the sidewalk and did not venture into the mall parking lot.  The march was clearly a success, drawing attention to the need for Climate Action and hopefully to let people know that there is a climate summit coming up in Paris and that Bernie is the only candidate that takes climate change seriously.  We broke up about 1 pm.  The rain never dampened our spirits.

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