Introducing GDPR Hosts: Peter Anthony Holder

PAH-Standup-2Peter Anthony Holder is a Montreal-based veteran broadcaster with a taste for the quirky side of life.

He’s spent more than 30 years in radio, television and media, working as an announcer, producer, entertainment reporter, newsreader, and writer, amassing a wealth of experience in the communications field. He even had a stint as a Major League Baseball scorer, supplying statistics for outlets including USA TODAY and the Associated Press.

As an interviewer, he’s gabbed with a host of luminaries, including Star Trek‘s George Takei; Steve Allen, the first host of The Tonight Show; Burt Ward, Batman‘s original Robin;Buddy Ebsen; the legendary Carol Channing; astronautAlan Bean, who walked on the moon; Lindsay Wagner,The Bionic Woman; Cloris Leachman; Karl Malden;Peter Bogdanovich; Gilligan himself, Bob Denver and more.

Since 2009, he’s hosted The Stuph File, an entertaining and eclectic weekly radio show that mixes interesting interviews and odd news. You never know who you’ll meet on The Stuph File Program. In the past, he’s shared stories on a man who owns Hitler’s toilet, a professional juggler, a guy who trains llamas to be golf caddies, and the founder of the Church of Jediism. (The Force must be strong in that one.)

Take a break from the serious stuff and catch up on the funny and silly side of life with The Stuph File Program every week on GDPR.

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