LA Progressive Formally Throws Support to Sanders

bernie-grand-prairie-720Venerable California progressive news site LA Progressive (for which I am a contributor) has given the strong impression that it’s been waving the flag for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for quite some time. Now, however, it has taken its support out of the closet.

As publisher Dick Price writes: “After watching us publish article after article over recent months extolling the virtues of the Bernie Sanders campaign and marveling at his effectiveness as a campaigner, LA Progressive’s readers will not be surprised that our publication is now formally ‘feeling the Bern.'”

Dick Price & Sharon Kyle of LA Progressive

In the following excerpt, Price explains why LA Progressive is going all in for Bernie.

We like that he’s fighting for us, standing solidly for things we believe in, not evolving from one position to the next as polling dictates. His 68-year-old opponent’s many supporters in the mainstream media and among the Democratic Party’s elites disparage Bernie’s proposals as impractical, and indeed, achieving them will be an arduous process calling for the “revolution” Sanders proposes.

But in arguing for health care for all, for-free college education, and for taking on income inequality, Sanders puts us in mind of John F. Kennedy calling for America to put a man on the moon, a bodacious project that united and elevated our country, and not asking that we settle for minuscule incremental change so we can say we’re making “progress.”

Perhaps the most profound effect of the Bernie Sanders campaign is the way he is energizing a whole new generation of political activists. From Occupy Wall Street to the Dreamers to Black Lives Matter to Fight For 15, young Americans—and some of them not so young—have risen up to confront the inequities they see around them.

To Dick and his co-publisher (and better half) Sharon Kyle: Welcome aboard!

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