Perennial OutsiderFor more than a decade, I blogged under the title All Facts & Opinions, then for nearly two and a half years under Progressive Nashville. Now, I am meandering through life up and down the east coast with no fixed spot, and will blog under a new title: GDPR Peace.

Progressive issues, activism, working for peace and against war, and life as an outsider from the mainstream were and will continue to be my primary themes, as they are the sole focus of my existence. Here you will find musings on those subjects and others  from me and sometimes from guest authors. My hope is to inspire you to take positive action for a better nation and world and to become part of the people’s revolution. Enough is enough, man, things must change for the people NOW.

Stay informed via your peace-progressive netradio home base, GDPR REVOLUTION99,  There you will find voices and views for the 99 Percent 24/7/365. Consider this blog the written addendum to our on-air cmpendium of independent media for the progressive communty.

Hope you’ll join me for the ride. Let’s get busy.

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