Happy Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day!

On this March 8, women in the US and all over the world are wearing revolutionary red, taking off from paid and unpaid work (if they can; as an independent public service broadcaster, I cannot), marching in protest, and refraining from spending money (except to support woman-owned businesses) to show the impact we as a gender have on the economy and on day to day living.  If you are a woman or support women, join the Day Without A Woman.

One way you can take action: Support woman-owned independent progressive media! Speaking personally, we put it all on the line for you each and every day to provide information, news, education, culture, access to diverse points of views and ideas, and more. Today is a perfect opportunity to help these broadcasters, who operate on shoestring budgets and without the support of government and big corporate advertising.


A few suggestions:
GDPR REVOLUTION99 http://www.patreon.com/GDPR
THE NICOLE SANDLER SHOW http://nicolesandler.com
IN DEEP WITH ANGIE COIRO http://indeepradio.com
THE BRIT SOMERS SHOW http://thebritsomersshow.com

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