Need to share news of some exciting additions to the GDPR REVOLUTION99 schedule!

If you’ve been listening carefully, you know that we are featuring a new weekday show, the soulful RED ROAD RADIO SHOW. Produced at FYI Nation, this program shares news from Indian Country covering activism, culture, and history. plus issues important to indigenous people and allies (which should include all of us). Join host LEW HASTINGS every Tuesday through Saturday at 2am Central.

Saturdays at midnight Central brings TARABUSTER, progressive commentary from comedian TARA DEVLIN of (formerly Tara addresses news and politics and the neverending atrocities of the GOP and the Trump nightmare. She’s fiercely intelligent, righteously angry, and wickedly funny — don’t miss Tarabuster.

Starting Saturday, July 15, GDPR welcomes INTERCEPTED with JEREMY SCAHILL. The program comes from the news organization The Intercept, and like its news site, investigates the issues and newsmakers affecting the nation and the world. Host Scahill, an award-winning journalist and author, discuss the crucial stories of our time: national security, civil liberties, foreign policy, and criminal justice and interviews artists, thinkers, and others who challenge our preconceptions about the world we live in. Hear Intercepted Saturdays at 5pm Central on GDPR.

The additions, of course, mean some changes to our schedule: Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox now airs Saturdays at 1 am Central. Sea Change Radio will air one episode at 1 pm Central Saturday, followed by WBAI’s Building Bridges at 1:30pm Central (which also airs Mondays at 12:30pm Central). Loud and Clear with Brian Becker now airs at 3am Central Tuesday through Thursday and Monday through Friday at 2pm Central.

And a reminder: PERSISTENCE RADIO with NATALIE DAVIS will debut MONDAY, JULY 31 at 8 am Central / 9 am Eastern on GDPR and FYI Nation, now as a daily show that will present progressive commentary on the news of the day, newsmaker interviews, The Armchair Activist action alerts, news and culture featurettes, and more. The aim: to help you survive the ups, downs, and dangers of life in TrumpLand. Join Natalie every weekday morning and get your day off to an informational and inspirational start.  (And if you can’t listen live, check out the podcast.)

Check out GDPR’s entire schedule, and tune in and turn on!

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