What’s up with Persistence Radio with Natalie Davis?

It is on hiatus; it shall return. (Fingers crossed.)

We’re dealing with a couple of things here:

  1. The host has been dealing with some ongoing medical issues; she is recuperating and champing at the bit to return … but then there are …
  2. Technical issues. The death of our main computer (following the deaths in late 2017 of two others; it’s a CURSE) and our phone interface (a must for conducting interviews), plus the loss of our access to our Adobe Audition subscription (a must for production),  have crippled us. They collectively comprise a major obstacle to the show’s return and to the station’s ability to do anything beyond very short-form original content. In fact, let’s name the culprit for what it is: Our financial inability to cover these mandatory expenses is the primary obstacle we presently face. We simply must get more help and recruit more patrons; our fear is that we won’t make our 22nd birthday in a few months. Any assistance you can provide in this regard so we can shore up our stability as a station and get PRWND back on the air would be so appreciated!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Become a monthly PATRON.
  2. Support our emergency GoFundMe campaign.
  3. Shop at GDPR’s Paxspiration Shop for station swag, home decor items, activist gear, peace items, and more.
  4. Encourage your progressive friends, family, associates to tune in to and support GDPR.

We’re facing a financial situation that outdoes anything we’ve dealt with in nearly 22 years of operations. And we fear that we won’t survive to see our next anniversary. The work we do is vital, especially in the time of Trump. We are asking you to help in any way you can. Independent progressive media outlets… there aren’t enough of us. We provide platforms for voices and views largely ignored or maligned by the mainstream media.

You know it as well as we do: Right wing hate media gets support from its people. Why not peace-progressive media?

Please, help our mission to continue. Help us continue to be an important resource for the greater progressive community. Help GDPR survive and help us bring back Persistence Radio.


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