The air signal is on, but… Yes, things are chaotic, to say the least. The last of our computers died and we cannot repair or replace it at this time.  Prior to the crash, listener numbers were, as always, on the rise — but contributions were at the end of an eight-year slide. We simply do not have the financial wherewithal to get a computer adequate for the job.  And without a functioning computer, we cannot even access our broadcast server or manage the basic audio production and radio station management functions required to get through a broadcast day. If something does not change quickly, after 23 years of service, the station is dead.

YOU CAN HELP. If you want GDPR to return to continue its informational and educational mission as a provider of news, culture, and lifestyle radio programming for the public interest, please help by donating what you can via the support link on this site. If you want to become a PATRON, or sustaining member by showing your commitment to independent progressive media with a monthly donation, head to PATREON.  We’ll put a deadline of April 15. If the problem is not solved by then, we’ll have the plug pulled on the station stream, shut down the gdpr patreon, and refund all donations from this campaign.

The ask is humiliating. Deeply. But what we do as a creator and curator of this palette of diverse voices and views is important and necessary, especially now. Please help.

Whatever happens, I personally want to give thanks for 23 productive years doing the only work that matters to my soul, that makes living worthwhile.  It’s been (and continues to be) a horrible challenge and a magnificent privilege (that I pray will continue).  My endless gratitude goes to the broadcasters, activists, cheerleaders, angels, members, and patrons who’ve given me reason to breathe for more than two decades. Mostly, I thank my family and Kim and Tessa and all the volunteers over the years. Love and peace to all. We’re thinking positively…

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