Sadly, after 23 years of service in the public interest, Grateful Dread Public Radio is no more. As of March 28, 2019, due to equipment failure and lack of financial support, we are forced to shut our doors indefinitely for the time being. This is particularly tragic given that our listener numbers have been higher than ever before and that in these dark times, the information and programming we provided was vital to struggling communities. However,  listenership that does not include a commitment to materially support a public radio station in some fashion means that eventually, inevitably, that station will die. That is the situation in which we found ourselves after the last of our computers went up in smoke.

I would like to return. We shall see. If there is interest, leave a comment. In the meantime, if you love an independent media outlet. listen to it. Share it. Spread the word about its offerings. And if you can, support it financially so that it can survive and do the job you need it to do. If you can and do not, expect it to die.

Thanks to all who have listened over the last almost quarter-century. Thanks to all who have donated or volunteered or helped in any way. Thanks to Kim Beavers and Tessa Towne, in particular, along with all the broadcasters and newsmakers and artists who have graced our netwaves. I wish everyone peace and hope this nation will get to a place of decency.

Note: Grateful Dread Peace Media, our freelance journalism, media speaking and training, and copywriting services arm, remains in operation and needs gigs stat. Not that I expect or believe anyone will help, just putting it out into the universe…

Many have noticed our new lack of contact info. That’s because I presently am without phone or email and can’t be reached by family. I am going to step away from social media for a long while (if not forever), and that’s how I want it right now.  (As you can imagine, this is a pretty bleak time in this existence.) The best way to leave a message is to comment here; I’ll see it if and when I can as computer access is limited heavily for me.  Not that I expect comments or that anyone would have anything to say to me, just leaving this option open just in case.

Peace and love to all, goodbye.

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