Bill Barr did not lie this week, as far as we know

Written by on January 28, 2020

Media Bias Fact Check exists to separate fact from falsehood. The watchdog site routinely scours the reams of words stated by political figures and government leaders to inform the public who’s telling the truth, some of the truth, or big, whopping lies. One of MBFC’s regular features is an update from the International Fact Checking Network at journalism’s Poynter Institute on the latest facts and lies in media.

The January 28 edition shows centrist Democratic Party presidential candidates “Mayor” Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren mostly telling the truth in the past week. It also includes a host of lies by Trump-affiliated Republicans, among them.

Claim by TRUMP lawyer MIKE PURPURA: “The record that we have to go on today is based entirely on House Democratic facts pre-cleared in a basement bunker.”

AP Fact Check rating: False

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s impeachment defense and the facts

Also fibbing: People saying US Attorney  General William Barr is planning on banning Sharia Law on the federal level. The story is a hoax.

Read the entire rundown.


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