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Only five percent of US low-wage workers have access to paid leave.

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Fare thee well, GDPR, my only true one…

The air signal is on, but… Yes, things are chaotic, to say the least. The last of our computers died and we cannot repair or replace it at this time.  Prior to the crash, listener numbers were, as always, on the rise — but contributions were at the end of an eight-year slide. We simply […]

Big news: GDPR Revolution99 is picking up stakes from Nashville and returning to our former home, northern New Jersey. The move will take place at the end of the week of October 8. The best explanation for the relocation: Life in a red state has become too much to bear.  And the station, financially, is on […]

by Jacqueline Salit A wise man once said “Those who make the rules, rule.” Today, we wonder whether the current rules of voting and governing can deliver any kind of progress. An important rules question was on the ballot in Maine earlier this month and the voters delivered a clear message. After a hard-fought campaign […]

by Julie Morris Life and Career Coach Hobbies combined with healthy social ties are integral to our well-being and can literally increase our odds of survival. In addition, they are especially effective during addiction recovery.   As DrugRehab explains, “One of the hardest parts of being in recovery is feeling like you’re alone or uncomfortable around […]

What’s up with Persistence Radio with Natalie Davis? It is on hiatus; it shall return. (Fingers crossed.) We’re dealing with a couple of things here: The host has been dealing with some ongoing medical issues; she is recuperating and champing at the bit to return … but then there are … Technical issues. The death […]

Happy new year from Nashville, y’all! GDPR REVOLUTION99 has a new URL – – and we’re hosted by the same broadcast company, but on a brand new server. Our signal is clearer and stronger than ever before! Tune in and turn on!!! If you’re not a GDPR patron or supporter, this is a great […]

Join GDPR for our annual yuletide celebration: 24 Hours of Christmas  —  multigenre holiday sounds, comedy,  classic old-time radio including Christmas staples It’s A Wonderful Life,  A Christmas Carol, and Miracle on 34th Street (featuring the original movie casts!), and more!   Starting midnight Central Time, make us your holiday’s soundtrack.

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