Animal Rights

The following are links to progressive-issue action alerts recently received. Get busy: Take action for a better world. And remember the words of Alice Walker: “Activism is the rent [we] pay for living on this planet.” Today, we have news of two #FightFor15 rallies being held in Music City this week. In addition, we’re asking you to sign a […]

You can hear about the Nashville Animal Advocacy anti-fur protest at Regency Furs on Hillsboro Pike during GDPR Nashville‘s Green Tea Radio, airing Monday and Tuesday at 4 am, 8 am, and 4 pm Central Time, but you can see the photos right here. On Saturday, Sally Beaman Park in Green Hills was the site […]

Some time ago, I signed a petition asking for help in saving the life of a wolf-dog hybrid named Karma. There is a photo of the pooch at right — what a sweetie, right? Well, this pup is more than a pretty face. She is the recipient of a new lease on life, thanks […]

Based on recent weather forecasts, we recommend taking an umbrella with you on outings this final week of September. There is no reason showers should keep you away from some compelling local events that address major international issues, provide fellowship with other progressives, and help you stay involved with efforts to turn Tennessee purple. Here’s […]

I have a soft spot for animals and their welfare, so this Care2 action alert piqued my interest. I hope it touches you too: Australia’s iconic kangaroos are highly social, and popular around the globe. Unfortunately, kangaroos are also shot in huge numbers during a controversial annual hunt or cull. So when Care2 member Poh […]

See this sweet doggie? Puppy mill Cornerstone Farms in Missouri features this adorable creature on its website to show how happy the dogs it raises are. Images, however, can be deceiving. You can take action to make sure that Cornerstone follows the law to ensure the safety of its animals or goes out of business.

The World Wildlife Fund says we must put an end to the senseless killing of wild elephants.

An atrocity is going on in the city of my birth, Baltimore, Md. The alert comes from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine via my dear comrade Max Obusewski of the Baltimore Nonviolence Center. The emphasis below is mine: At Johns Hopkins University, medical students are taught basic surgical skills on live pigs. This training […]

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