According to peace activist Kevin Zeese, if Trump hoped that sacking FBI Director James Comey would stop investigations into possible collusion between Trump’s administration and Russia, he may be wrong. Very wrong.

Want to make America great again? The answer lies not with Drumpf, not with Clinton’s status quo, but with what you’ll learn in Michael Moore’s latest award-winning documentary. Lesson One: Love your neighbor. Lesson Two: If you think the land of guns, greed, and Kardashians is the greatest country in the world, you don’t know much.

The Panama Papers story shows one thing: If you’re middle class, a low-wage worker, or flat-out poor, the system is rigged against you — here in the US and worldwide. Wealthy lives matter. We don’t.

Two weeks is better than nothing. Oklahoma’s planned state-sanctioned killing of Richard Glossip will not happen today. A state appellate court announced a two-week delay to allow a review of new evidence that could prove the death row inmate’s innocence. Democracy Now reports Glossip’s lawyers filed an emergency request yesterday afternoon, and a stay was […]

MoveOn needs petition signatures calling on the US Department of Justice to intervene and launch an immediate and independent federal investigation into Bland’s traffic stop, arrest, and death. This case may provide one more example of how African-Americans are treated by law enforcement in the United States. Demand credible, truthful answers.

Writer Max S. Gordon offers a really thorough examination of Bill Cosby’s story and the difficulty of dealing with an almost universally revered cultural icon’s fall from grace. Along the way, he ponders reaction to the comedian’s fall and what this says about society and its views toward women, about those the mainstream labels as “black,” and about whose art is acceptable.

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