Gun Issues

The following are links to progressive-issue action alerts we received throughout the weekend. Get busy: Take action for a better world. And remember the words of Alice Walker: “Activism is the rent [we] pay for living on this planet.” Today we seek to protect our transgender siblings from the wrath of the Republican-controlled and generally inhumane Tennessee State […]

As the presidential campaign continues, we need to remember: There is no perfect candidate. That sentiment is particularly true in light of Christopher Harper-Mercer’s Oct. 1 shooting rampage in Oregon that left nine dead at Umpqua Community College. From my perspective, anyone who wants to be president of a country held hostage by constant mass […]

The right wing in many ways is no longer top dog in the US, and it appears Republicans in leadership are all too willing to scorch the nation to continue its violent, polluting, discriminatory, We The People be damned agenda.

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