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Looking for peace-progressive minded activities? Over today and tomorrow, we have a host of planning opportunities, a film screening, and Drinking Liberally. Here is what is happening Wednesday and Thursday in Music City. As always, double check with the organizing group before heading out; you never know when plans will change.

Nashville’s Black Lives Matter group has dealt with serious, heartwrenching issues over the past year. As important and necessary as it is to organize, protest, and bring truth to power, the organization notes that sometimes, it is just as vital to enjoy some downtime. So the group is putting on a road trip, and all are welcome to come and enjoy the fun.

Early this week, the focus is on education and organizing for peace among lefty groups in Music City. Take some time to get involved with one or more of these activities. It’s your opportunity do your part to promote progressive values and help make Nashville and the world a better place.

It looks we’ll have a low-key weekend in Music City, but that’s okay. What is happening is way cool, and whatever time you can’t fill with events can be used for deep thought surrounding this week’s anniversary of the US bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and how you best can help increase peace in the world. Let’s explore what’s happening!

Megan Barry’s post-election fete was a Party in the USA, as joyful supporters celebrated today’s win and geared up for the Sept. 10 runoff election against Fox News’ choice, David Fox.

Monday is a quiet day on the prog front, but there are things to do Tuesday and Wednesday. The next couple of days also presents an opportunity — if you haven’t already voted in the mayoral polling — to do your homework on the candidates and issues that will be on the ballot for the Aug. 6 2015 Metro Nashville and Davidson County Election. On to the events…

Random Music Group/Nashville and Renegade Radio Nashville are presenting a massive benefit concert to help Nashville kids. The charitable event is at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville on Wednesday, Aug. 5. Featured artists include Blue Mother Tupelo, Mila Mason, Lockhart, and a house band that will rock your socks off. You’ll want to get your tickets now!

Things are pretty quiet on Friday — go out and support local musicians! — but plenty is happening on the Music City prog front Saturday and Sunday. And don’t forget: If you want to vote early for the 2015 Metro Nashville election, you’ve got until Saturday. On to the weekend’s events…

Across the nation Wednesday evening, more than 100,000 people attended 3,725 gatherings to view a livestream address by presidential candidate and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. Eleven of those events took place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, and I was privileged to be part of a viewing party hosted by Byron Van Buren and his family in Brentwood. Let me tell you, I am still buzzing — my mind reels! — at the thought that a grassroots revolution appears to be underway.

The author seeks to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day in Music City. Turns out finding a Nashville poultry special on this July 29 is tougher than it looks, but the day may end up being all kinds of delicious.

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