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What’s up with Persistence Radio with Natalie Davis? It is on hiatus; it shall return. (Fingers crossed.) We’re dealing with a couple of things here: The host has been dealing with some ongoing medical issues; she is recuperating and champing at the bit to return … but then there are … Technical issues. The death […]

GDPR’s Persistence Radio is hosted by Natalie Davis, who in addition to all else, has been a music selector, DJ, jock, mixtape specialist, whatever you want to call it, since she was a teenager. On occasion, she comes up with Spotify playlists, some curated for friends and family, some for broadcast, some for moods that strike.  Periodically, […]

Need to share news of some exciting additions to the GDPR REVOLUTION99 schedule! If you’ve been listening carefully, you know that we are featuring a new weekday show, the soulful RED ROAD RADIO SHOW. Produced at FYI Nation, this program shares news from Indian Country covering activism, culture, and history. plus issues important to indigenous […]

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