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Action Alert: Make Bernie Sanders’ message for the US go viral!

Tune in to a special edition of Grateful Dread Public Radio’s Green Tea this morning and afternoon: We’re featuring the Nov. 19 address by presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders in its entirety, a speech largely ignored by the mainstream media. In the speech, just over an hour long, the senator takes on important issues including […]

Former President Jimmy Carter announced yesterday that he has an advanced form of cancer discovered during recent liver surgery. Even worse, the cancer apparently has spread to various parts of the humanitarian’s body. Left Action requests thank you messages for probably the best ex-president of all time. Progressive Nashville has the details.

It’s Mandela Day: The anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth is fast becoming an international observance.  This day offers us an opportunity to ponder our responsibility to those around us, to reflect on what good we are doing, and to commit to what we will do to change the world. Read more about it at Progressive Nashville.

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