The Roundup is Progressive Nashville’s periodic aggregation of local, national, and international prog news and opinion worth your attention: in this edition, TN legislature shows its antigay streak, Robert Reich defends Bernie, Drumpf is the revenge of the poorly educated, and Obama proves it’s all about Wall Street — not you, the people.

The crowd at the Oct. 13 Democratic debate party held at East Nashville’s Lipstick Lounge whooped and cheered for Bernie Sanders’ performance. (Organizer Lori, pictured at right, was among the Berners. She did a super job!)  I think Bernie did a great job communicating his message and distinguishing himself from the other four candidates on […]

Despite marriage equality being the law of the land, right-wing presidential candidate Rand Paul still wants LGBT people to hide in closets. Members of the inclusive gay community may be able to marry throughout the US, but in 31 states, they still can be fired from their jobs for not being heterosexual. Rand Paul is okay with […]

Who is Bernie Sanders? He’s told us the answer many times in 30 years of public service.

I know a lot of people are tough on Don Henley and the Eagles, but the man is a hell of a songwriter. And he’s got cojones of steel. Henley, promoting his new album Cass County on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night, took on national disgrace and right wing presidential candidate Donald Trump. Performing the new song […]

I’ve been to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.  It did not feel like safe territory for progressives back then, in 1999, when my fearful mother warned me against covering a controversial story about the late Bible thumper’s meeting with gay activists for Baltimore’s City Paper. “They call it Lynchburg for a reason, honey,” she […]

A massive downpour over East Park could not dampen the spirits or fortitude of Nashvillians craving their Independence Day hot chicken.

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