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I am still on a high following last night’s Nashville stop of the Bernie Sanders campaign’s Tennessee State Volunteer Tour. Nearly 300 people from across the Metro area were on hand at the United Auto Workers Hall to meet with Bernie 2016 staffers and to launch a mission to recruit 5,000 Tennessee volunteers to spread […]

Based on recent weather forecasts, we recommend taking an umbrella with you on outings this final week of September. There is no reason showers should keep you away from some compelling local events that address major international issues, provide fellowship with other progressives, and help you stay involved with efforts to turn Tennessee purple. Here’s […]

The National Partnership for Women and Families is fighting to ensure that US workers who put in overtime hours on the job get paid for them. The group, in the midst of a nationwide effort called “Women and Overtime Week of Action.” Partnership President Debra Ness explains the importance of the action: Right now, only hourly […]

The Republican leadership of the US Senate is clearly insane. In hours, the body is slated to cast a vote on a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. This is happening despite the fact that the organization is not — repeat, NOT — selling fetal tissue or “baby parts.” The time to take action and defend women’s health is NOW.

This weekend promises a lot of food for thought for cerebral and intellectual liberals and progressives in Music City. Take some time out over the next couple of days and put your grey matter to work. You’ll also see an opportunity to help out a local socialist radio project. Make a difference.

Writer Max S. Gordon offers a really thorough examination of Bill Cosby’s story and the difficulty of dealing with an almost universally revered cultural icon’s fall from grace. Along the way, he ponders reaction to the comedian’s fall and what this says about society and its views toward women, about those the mainstream labels as “black,” and about whose art is acceptable.

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