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Alternative Radio, established in 1986, is an award-winning weekly one-hour public affairs program aired on terrestrial and internet public radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and beyond. Host David Barsamian provides information, analyses, and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in corporate media.

With headquarters based in Boulder, Colorado, and with only two full-time and two part-time paid staff, AR airs on almost 300 radio stations. The project is sustained by donations and by listener purchases of season subscriptions, recordings, and transcripts. Please donate if you can to maintain this invaluable resource.

AR comes from RISE UP, a nonprofit media and education organization devoted to preserving voices and opinions on public affairs that offer views often ignored or distorted in the mainstream media. We select, produce, catalog, and curate recordings of stand-and-deliver public speeches and interviews that contain critical information for our times.

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