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From Worldbeat Canada, Celt in a Twist exists to bring the very latest, contemporary Celtic music to fresh ears.

Celt In A Twist spotlights the next-generation Celtic fusions including everything from the Acid-Croft alchemy of Shooglenifty to the Highland-Metal of Mudmen.

“You know, the original Celts wandered from the Asian subcontinent through North Africa to the Iberian peninsula and on to Scandinavia as well as the British Isles,” Cal Koat explains, “so it’s not like you have to have lily-white skin and bad teeth to feel a connection to it.

“And the host couldn’t be a better fit for the program. Patricia Fraser has had her imagination fired and her cultural heartstrings plucked by this music. She’s a terrific communicator with a brilliant mind, who shares the listeners’ excitement as they discover these vibrant, underexposed sounds together.”

Patricia’s passion is evident.

“What I love about Celtic music is its cheekiness, its irreverence, and its embrace of other cultures … just like the Celts themselves,” she says. “We want the program to reflect that, with a strictly tongue-in-cheek attitude. And the music,  it’s a mix of Celtic fare unlike any listeners may expect to hear on national, public, or campus radio.”

Celt In A Twist maintains a policy of placing the music and the musicians first.

Each month, Celt In A Twist presents ‘The Celtic Countdown’ – top 10 picks from the albums that brought us our favorite new tracks.

Now, if you haven’t got your ‘Celt In A Twist’, yer erse is oot the windae!

Hie thee here for Celt in a Twist playlists. 

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