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A production of Interfaith Voices (for nearly two decades the nation's most listened to public radio show on religion), Inspired explores the beliefs shaping our world.

Inspired is an independent public radio show fostering interfaith understanding by providing engaging conversation about religion, across many traditions and beliefs. We explore how faith intersects with culture, public policy, and the news of the day. As the nation’s only public radio show exclusively about religion, we are a vital source of knowledge about how religious belief shapes our world.

We were born as Interfaith Voices just three days after 9/11, when Maureen Fiedler, a feisty nun, got the idea to host a multi-faith panel on religion and terrorism, live on the radio. The phones rang off the hook, and it became clear that listeners were hungry for informed, respectful dialogue on religion in the public square. We carry on that mission today with our weekly show hosted by Amber Khan.

We strive to:

  • educate the public about the religious and ethical issues behind the headlines
  • explore the mystery of spiritual experience
  • welcome guests and listeners from a wide diversity of traditions, including those with no religion
  • promote dialogue, especially on contentious moral topics
  • present many faith traditions and points of view – faithfully, clearly and compellingly

Inspired does not preach or proselytize, and is not affiliated with any religious organization. We are an independent public radio program, which means we produce and distribute the show ourselves. It also means the production raises its own funds. Please support this important show.

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