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Ring of Fire Radio is a progressive news commentary talk radio show and podcast hosted by Sam Seder (of Majority Report)  that was started in 2004 by attorney and author Mike Papantonio. The program focuses on exposing corporate fat cats, polluters, and media spinmeisters.

Since its formation, Ring of Fire Radio has expanded into a multimedia network for the latest progressive news, commentary, and analysis. Mike Papantonio, Farron Cousins, Thom Hartmann, Abby Martin, Laura Flanders, Sam Seder, David Pakman, Lee Camp, Mike Malloy, Benjamin Dixon & Richard Eskow host weekly radio and television broadcasts, and post daily news stories and original video commentaries at www.trofire.com, www.facebook.com/RingofFireRadio, and on Verdant Square Network that are viewed millions of times each week.

The show continues only thanks to listener support. Do your part to keep it available for all by becoming a subscriber.


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