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The BradCast focuses on issues such as election reform, media reform, social justice, the environment, climate change, accountability, good government and rights and freedoms, in a way that no other radio show does. Host Brad Friedman has developed a national and international reputation for his award-winning work.

From The BRAD BLOG, a 100% independent investigative news, journalism, blogging, muckraking and trouble-making outlet brings you The BradCast, heard on Verdant Square Radio,  over your public airwaves coast-to-coast, and around the globe five days a week! The show celebrated its 15th anniversary here and the 10th anniversary of its Tuesday and Thursday companion Green News Report here.

The show relies on listeners — not corporations or foundations — to keep its work here going. Please consider donating to keep The BradCast raking muck and making trouble to challenge both the corporate media and partisan outlets.

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