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Public-television host and cannabis activist Rick Steves is on a mission: to inspire, inform, and equip USians to enjoy affordable, ethical, and culturally broadening travel. Travel with Rick Steves presents the wanderer's interviews with experts and special guests covering way more than Europe. Steves says the goal is to use travel as a means to understand and contribute to the world in which we live.

A lively mix of guest interviews and listener calls, Travel with Rick Steves goes beyond the Europe that Steves is famous for, with shows covering travel and cultures across every continent.

The author of 30 travel guidebooks and longtime host of the “Rick Steves’ Europe” TV series, Steves was attracted to radio because of its ability to interact with listeners in ways that TV cannot.

“Radio provides a virtual cafĂ© for travelers to meet up, sharing tips, insights, and discoveries,” says Steves. “On my radio show, rather than being the tour guide, as I am on TV, I get to host the coming together of experts on various cultures and travel themes with our callers and listeners. Serving as the conduit for all this exciting travel information comes with a downside: now I want to travel everywhere our radio show does.”

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