As a Baltimore-born reporter, the findings released today by the US Department of Justice were no surprise to me. Yes, the criminal justice system there is unjust, racist, and brutal — and anyone paying attention has known this for many years. As NPR’s The Two-Way notes, “…[T]he report emphasizes that this is not a case […]

‘What do those people want?” We’ve heard this question or some variation thereof from scads of humans scratching their heads after a Black Lives Matter protest or a college action by students of color demanding safety from institutional racism or a man or woman loses his or her cool following ANOTHER police stop. Now, there […]

Dozens of Nashvillians of all stripes — enthusiastic students, seasoned radicals, Democrats, and Independents — came together at OZ Arts in Music City Friday evening to participate in a grand USian tradition. We peacefully stood outside the site of the Tennessee Democratic Party’s 2015 Jackson Day Dinner to exercise our right to free speech. We […]

A groundbreaking class action motion filed Tuesday in the Davidson County General Sessions Court could allow more than 100,000 Metro residents to get a fresh start in life. Nashville attorney Daniel A. Horwitz, in the first such move in the nation, filed a proposal to perform a mass expungement of citizens’ criminal cases that did […]

Nashville’s Black Lives Matter group has dealt with serious, heartwrenching issues over the past year. As important and necessary as it is to organize, protest, and bring truth to power, the organization notes that sometimes, it is just as vital to enjoy some downtime. So the group is putting on a road trip, and all are welcome to come and enjoy the fun.

Things are pretty quiet on Friday — go out and support local musicians! — but plenty is happening on the Music City prog front Saturday and Sunday. And don’t forget: If you want to vote early for the 2015 Metro Nashville election, you’ve got until Saturday. On to the weekend’s events…

MoveOn needs petition signatures calling on the US Department of Justice to intervene and launch an immediate and independent federal investigation into Bland’s traffic stop, arrest, and death. This case may provide one more example of how African-Americans are treated by law enforcement in the United States. Demand credible, truthful answers.

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