campaign finance reform

Progressive pundit Jim Hightower makes the case for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in many of his Hightower Lowdown web and radio commentaries. And he brings up an excellent point: While the billionaire Koch Brothers and their deep-pocketed cronies spend upwards of a billion dollars to pump up the campaigns of Wall Street-focused Republicans, you can get […]

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders says he has a litmus test for potential Supreme Court justices: They must be ready and willing to overturn Citizens United. That’s the horrid 2010 law that equates corporations with people and allows big money to pervert the US electoral campaign system. Speaking before students at the University of Chicago Institute of […]

What would happen if we removed corporations and the Koch Brothers from the method the nation used to finance presidential campaigns? According to the US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, limiting big-money campaign donations and restoring federal matching funds would benefit candidates serving people rather than businesses. In this race, that means a major beneficiary […]

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